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AI for Product Management

"AI for Product Management" is a course that focuses on leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) in product development practices. The course is designed for product managers and professionals who want to utilize AI in their work to build AI-powered features and drive business outcomes.


The course explores AI’s role in product management, including how to leverage AI throughout the development life cycle, best practices for building AI-powered features, and why product managers should view AI as a strategic tool, not a threat4.

Course Structure

The course consists of six modules, each covering a specific aspect of AI in product management:

  1. Module 1: Welcome to the AI for Product Management Course
    • Introduction to the course and what to expect
    • Downloadable exam study guide
  2. Module 2: An overview of AI and product management
    • Introduction to AI and product management
    • The state of AI in product management
    • AI and product management FAQs
    • Summary and key takeaways
  3. Module 3: Adapting your software strategy in the AI era
    • Introduction to adapting software strategy in the AI era
    • Why AI tools are transformative in product management
    • Forming a future strategy for AI
    • Laying a foundation with AI principles
    • Building AI-powered features
  4. Module 4: AI and the product-led organization
    • Introduction to AI and the product-led organization
    • Benefits of AI in a product-led organization
    • Leveraging AI across a product-led organization
  5. Module 5: Powering product-led growth with AI
    • Introduction to powering product-led growth with AI
    • Core principles of product-led growth
    • AI for creating free user experiences and "aha" moments
    • AI for increasing usability and stickiness
    • AI for driving purchases and virality
  6. Module 6: Making product development smarter
    • Introduction to making product development smarter
    • AI in the Discover phase
    • AI in the Validate phase
    • AI in the Build phase
    • AI in the Launch phase
    • AI in the Evaluate and Iterate phases

Course Materials

The course includes:

  • Engaging, instructor-led videos
  • Real-world examples from companies across industries
  • Optional exam to check knowledge and earn a badge
  • Exam study guide

Time Commitment

The course requires a time commitment of approximately 2 hours.


The AI for Product Management Course aims to educate product professionals on the opportunities AI brings and share actionable use cases and tactics. It covers core AI use cases for businesses with software or digital experiences, best practices for building AI-powered features, and how AI can transform and elevate the product-led organization.

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